Marketing for IT professionals. Promote your value. Sell your value

I see every day. There are many good technicians, programmers and technologists with great degree and knowledge. They develop with great hability and honor, doing all the things without any difficulty.

It’s funny, but there are a lot of people, with this description, that are not essential for the
organization. The organization don’t recognize them as a important person. Their influence at the organization is low and mostly of people don’t see them as a business aggregator.

Generally, this kind of people don’t make any effort to promote their own value. It’s all because the IT individualism. The IT inspires technologies professionals to do everything all the time without help. This behavior tends to isolate them on the organization, putting them in a bottle.

It’s necessary a complete and serious effort to design and improve the personnel Marketing. It’s necessary to act with strategy.

There are many process and methodologies which can be used to make it happen. I underline the Solution Selling process, the approach for moving from selling products to selling and marketing high value solutions. Just treat each personal deliverable as a

Instead, follow damn common sense! Don’t know what to do? Find it out. Talk with people. Share your problem. Actively look for a solution. Read Godin.

Think about the goals, and as you set your path forward, make your strategy clear, powerful, and known throughout your organization so you can derive the outcomes you seek.

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Do you know how to write tests?

Everybody of the development team, in shame, can say “Yes” to that question. But the point is to write testable code. The art of testing is complex and can take years to really understand how to practice. A question which can guide us in development is ask: “How do I write hard to test code?”

I believe that most of your mistakes is logical, and those are hard to find. So the burden of testing is on development team, which has to write tests code that testers can execute smoothly, because the test-group is not allowed to change the code to make it testable. Personally, I don’t think that developers can change their behavior if they don’t feel the pain of their mistakes…

Thus, the responsabilities, and the pain, can stay on development team. And the secret is to write testable code. Original here.

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